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Group Classes Descriptions

Please Note: All Classes DO NOT run every class cycle. Please check the class calendar for available classes. 

All Classes are 45 Minutes Long.


  • Ages 9 weeks -8 months
  • AKC STAR Puppy program
  • Combo of all aged puppies
  • Socialization & Puppy Playtime (puppies will be grouped according to age & size for play)
  • Age Appropriate obedience skills including sit/down/out/touch/off/wait/place 
  • Ask about your AKC STAR Puppy paperwork after attending 6 classes

Basic Obedience

  • Ages 8+ months 
  • This class is for adult dogs that are just starting out with training or need to advance their skills
  • Basic Obedience including loose leash walking, stay, recall, place
  • AKC CGC testing is available through this class 


  • Pack walks are for dogs with good basic obedience
  • Loose leash walking, appropriate meet and greets, leash reactivity
  • Class meets at a local park 
  • Dress for the weather, movement and wear appropriate shoes


SPECIALTY CLASS  -Agility/Rally Fun

AKC CGC ( Canine Good Citizen) 

  • Ages 9 month +
  • PREREQUISITE: Previous formal training
  • AKC CGC & CGCA Titles can be earned
  • AKC Trick Dog Titles can be earned
  • This class is not intended for reactive dogs or learning basic obedience. 
  • Testing for CGC titles is available at the conclusion of this course
  • If you just want to be tested, contact Muttz Gym.
  • Ages 6 months +
  • This is NOT an obedience class or Agility confirmation class
  • Class use practice Agility equipment & AKC Rally signs
  • Class will be held indoors and outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Dress for movement and wear appropriate shoes

Mini Muttz Obedience

  • Ages 5 months + 
  • designed for small breed dogs 35 lbs or less
  • Basic Obedience
  • Puppies less than 5 months, please sign up for STAR Puppy or contact Muttz Gym for approval


  • Ages 6 months+
  • Fun class introducing your to different dog sports such as Agility, Rally, AKC Fit Dog, AKC Trick Dog, etc
  • Basic obedience is a prerequisite for this class
  • This is NOT an obedience class
  • Dress for movement and wear appropriate shoes



  • Ages 3-7 months
  • This class is designed to expose puppies to a variety of stimuli including other puppies, humans and the environment (ex. vacuum, different textures)
  • Some obedience skills will be taught/used but it is not the primary focus of this class


  • Ages 9 months +
  • This class is designed to teach handlers desensitizing and counter conditioning skills as well as providing confidence building activities.
  • Some obedience skills will be taught/used but it is not the primary focus of this class.

SPECIALTY CLASS  - Sit, Stay, Come!

  • Ages 6+ months
  • Teach your dog to ignore major distractions
  • Build reliable recalls
  • Learn solid stays
  • Each class practices recalls , stays and games with your dog to build reliable behavior..

SPECIALTY CLASS  - Cooperative Canine Care

  • Ages 4+ months
  • This class will focus on skills and behaviors to help empower your canine to be a more willing and confident participant at the vet, the groomer and at home!
  • Ages 6 months +
  • PRE-REQUISITE: basic obedience 
  • AKC Fit Dog titles can be earned
  • Some obedience skills will be taught/used but it is not the primary focus of this class.
  • This class is for HEALTHY dogs and is designed to inspire owners to engage in fitness-related activities with their dogs while minimizing the risk of injury or harm due to inexperienced instruction.
  • Dress to move with appropriate athletic footwear.
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